Best Foods to Eat for a Healthy Gut

Our gut, like the rest of our body, requires a lot of care. The best way to provide it is to eat proper food and avoid anything that can make us sick. In other words, a healthy gut demands only the best of foods. Therefore, we decided to make a handy list of foods to eat for proper gut maintenance, so to speak.

What Can Harm Our Gut?

Well, to put it bluntly, literally anything can. Our gut normally contains over 40 trillion bacteria. That’s quite a lot of microbes for a single person’s gut. All of these microbes serve a specific purpose in our body.

They help us balance glucose levels in our blood, store fat, respond to hormones that let us know if we’re hungry or full, etc. In addition, the gut also sends information to our brain via the nerves. To put it simply, a healthy gut can attribute a lot to our mental wellbeing.

With all of that said, we cannot overemphasize that this region of our body cannot come to harm. If it does, we can end up either obese or malnourished, either mentally unstable or erratic. In case we feel a lot of discomfort in our belly, it’s time to put something else on the table.

Which Type of Foods Do We Need?

Our food needs to have an even level of probiotics and prebiotics. Probiotics are bacteria that actually help us digest food more easily. On the other hand, prebiotics are a type of fiber which our body isn’t able to digest. However, they are great as food for probiotics.

Speaking of fiber, we should all get as much of it as possible in our gut. Fibers are great because our gut bacteria eat them and release a lot of good nutrients into our system.

There are two types of fiber. The first is soluble fiber, and we can find it in legumes, oatmeal, and certain fruits and vegetables. This type of fiber is great for lowering LDL cholesterol and glucose levels in our blood.

The second fiber type is insoluble, and it’s great for digestion. Lots of fruits and vegetables have this type of fiber, but so do kidney beans and whole grains.

What About Fermented Foods?

Fermented foods are absolutely the way to go if we want a healthy, strong gut. One of these foods is fermented cabbage, also known as sauerkraut. This dish can help us absorb lots of iron and will be the best source for vitamin B.

The Germans invented this dish, but they aren’t the only ones who knew about the benefits of fermented cabbage. Koreans tend to like it as well, but their version has a lot more spices than sauerkraut. We are, of course, talking about kimchi.

This particular food had become very popular in the past twenty years or so, even outside of the Koreas. Not only is it delicious and spicy, but it also serves as a great source of probiotics.

Japanese folk prefer to eat miso, which is a type of bean paste. Some studies have shown that miso can help prevent cancer and lower blood pressure. But if we wanted foods that are a bit more ‘international’ and also provide our gut with lots of probiotics, we will go for kefir, pickles, and tempeh.

Is That It?

The list is nowhere near complete. There are plenty of other foods that will help us maintain a healthy gut. Let’s mention a few:

Mexican Turnip
Gum Arabic
Jerusalem artichoke
Dandelion greens.