Simple Exercises to Keep Your Stomach Flat

Before we get to some of the most effective exercises one can use to keep stomach flat, there are changes that must be made to lifestyle choices if the results are to remain permanent. It is vital to reduce the intake of intoxicants. Go for long walks in your local park, or better yet, ride a well made electric bike to cover many miles.

Whether our goal is to strengthen our core and tone our stomach or to lose a few pounds, ab exercises will certainly help. However, we should keep in mind that doing only endless crunches won’t give us the results we desire. In order to activate all the muscles in our core, we have to do several series of different exercises.

Thankfully, we can do the whole workout at home, with nothing but a mat and some free time. Here are some of the most frequent ab exercises you can find in almost every workout regimen.

Flutter Kicks

A flutter kick is an exercise meant to help with our lower belly fat.

We lie on the floor on our back, with our hands underneath our glutes. Then we lift our legs in a straight line slightly above the floor and start rapidly kicking our legs right and left or up and down, engaging our core.
It is important that our lower back doesn’t lift off the floor during this exercise.

Partial Sit-Ups

Partial sit-ups are one of the exercises that are very efficient in toning our upper stomach. It should be fairly simple for anyone to do, even for those who never did any ab exercises.

We start by lying on our back, with our knees bent and feet tucked underneath some kind of weight (a couch should work perfectly fine). Then we start lifting our upper body – our head, shoulders and upper back only – swiftly from the floor, with our arms stretched in front of us.

When done correctly, this exercise should make us feel a slight burn in our upper abs.

Russian Twists

When done swiftly and in large series, they give our abdomen a mighty burn (which is, undeniably, good).

We start by sitting on the floor. Then we recline to a 45-degree angle and bend and lift our feet slightly from the floor. After that we start twisting the torso to one side, then the other, with our arms partially straight.

To make the exercise a bit more difficult, we can hold on a 5kg dumbbell or some heavy books while twisting.

Leg Lifts

Leg lifts is one of the hardest ab exercises, but because of it one that brings great results.

Like with most exercises, we start by lying on our back. Our arms can be put beneath our head or beside our body during this exercise. The most important thing, though, is to keep our legs flat and together when lifting them to 90 degrees.

Optionally, we can go even further towards our head, or even lifting our pelvis when we reach the 90-degree angle to make it even more challenging. Just like with flutter kicks, we shouldn’t forget to keep our lower back as close to the ground as possible.


Planking is considered to be one of the best core strengthening exercises that tighten our entire torso.

A basic plank looks like this: we lie on the floor on our stomach, and lift ourselves in a straight line while balancing on our toes and elbows. The most important element of planking is keeping our pelvis in a straight line with the rest of our body, not letting our bottom go up or down. Afterward, we keep this position for a minute or more, depending on our condition.


When working out to flatten our stomach, we should know two things. First of all, if we want to see a drastic improvement in our abs, we should take better care of our diet. Besides that, for better results, incorporating some cardio in our routine definitely wouldn’t hurt. Still, when in need of some abdominal toning, these exercises should definitely do the trick.

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