Tips to Keep Your Teeth Sparkling Clean

It sounds like a topic everyone should know about. After all, the best way to keep the teeth looking clean is to simply clean them. However, sometimes even a clean tooth doesn’t look healthy. Because of that, we’ve decided to provide a simple list of tips for keeping teeth clean and healthy.

1 – The Basics — Brush, Floss, Rinse, and Repeat

Every single dentist will tell us the same thing. The key to keeping everything looking pearly white is to brush after each meal. Of course, it might be enough to do it only twice a day. First in the morning, then in the evening, right before going to sleep.

By brushing, we get rid of all the stains and leftover food. If we don’t, tiny bacteria form on the surface and begin to make acids that hurt the tooth enamel. That can lead to cavities and various other diseases.

But brushing is just the first step. It’s also important to floss at least once a day. Dental floss can remove food from between our teeth that the brush simply cannot reach. Many people skip flossing altogether, something we highly advise against.

Finally, visiting a dentist for regular checkups is a must. It’s really not that different from going to a regular checkup at our general physician. Dentists can let us know if our pearly whites need some additional work. People with healthy teeth will have dental checkups that last only a few minutes.

2 – What to Eat and Drink

Good dental health is usually the result of both frequent cleaning and a proper diet. If we want to maintain that lovely shade of white, we need to eat more fruits and vegetables. Avoiding junk food is also a good idea, as a lot of sugar can damage tooth enamel and lead to diabetes.

Strawberries and pineapples are a good choice of fruit to eat for better-looking teeth. Still, they are not a substitute for a toothbrush. The best way to consume these fruits is to combine them with decent daily dental hygiene.

However, there are also foods and beverages we need to avoid, and it’s not because they’re bad for us. In fact, some of them can be harmless, yet still leave stains on our teeth. Coffee is one such major offender, as is red wine and even tea. The best thing to do there is to clean our teeth immediately after we’ve had some coffee.

3 – Apple Cider Vinegar

As strange as it sounds, apple cider vinegar can be good for keeping teeth white. In fact, one study involving cow teeth has proven that vinegar can make them significantly whiter than usual. But apple cider vinegar is strong, and it can soften our teeth if we use it the wrong way. Or even if we use it too much.

To use apple cider vinegar properly, we first have to dilute it with some water. Then we can use it as a substitute for mouthwash. All we have to do is swish it inside of our mouth for a few moments and spit it out. Because of its teeth-softening properties, we need to limit our weekly use of this type of vinegar. Once or twice a week ought to do it.

4 – Procedures

It’s sad, but a lot of people out there have teeth that are naturally darker or yellower than normal. Brushing and eating vegetables won’t change that. But there are procedures like teeth whitening that can make our teeth look as white as a sheet of paper.

However, it’s important to know that we must avoid any foods that leave stains for at least half a year. In addition, we also ought to give up smoking. Nicotine, much like coffee, leaves visible stains on our teeth and we can’t have that after a whitening treatment.